Location scout info for commercialss in Ariozna and Utah - Loactions Southwest

Commercial: James Harden's Inner Voice (Footlocker)

 Foot Locker

Type: TV commercial

Client: Caviar


Air Date: June 2016

LSW served as location scout and manager for three commercials that were shot in Phoenix, Arizona.

Commercial: ELIQUIS–No Matter Where I Ride


Type: TV commercial

Client: Native Pictures

Director: Iain Mackenzie

Air Date: May 2017

LSW served as location scout for this commercial, which was shot in the Sedona, Arizona, area.

Commercial: 2018 Subaru WRX & WRX STI


Type: TV commercial

Client: Subaru

Director of Photography: Tim Damond

Director: Tim Damond

Air Date: February 2016

LSW served as location scout and manager for for this commercial, which featured locations throughout southern Arizona, including Wilcox, Bowie, Safford, Mt. Graham, and parts of Pima County.

Commercial: Official 2015 Super Bowl | Jeep Renegade


Type: TV commercial

Client: Fiat Chrysler / Caviar

Director: Jordan Bahat

Air Date: Superbowl 2015

LSW served as location scout and manager for the Arizona portion of this internationally filmed project. We handled all film permits with Grand Canyon National Park, Navajo Nation Tribal Parks, the U.S. Forest Service (Sedona Red Rock Rangers District), and private property owners throughout Northern Arizona.

Commercial: Destiny

Type: TV commercial (live action trailer)

Client: Joseph Kosinski

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Air Date: September 2014

LSW provided scouting and permitting services for this 90-second national TV spot, which aired on Thursday Night NFL Football. We handled all location scouting, permitting, and logistics for the Moon location and assisted on the Mars location.

Commercial: Xarelto


Type: TV commercial

Client: Alma Garcia

Director: Alma Garcia

Date: March 2012

LSW assisted with location scouting, permitting, and management for this national Xarelto TV commercial. Director Alma Garcia chose to lens the 2-minute scenes of the commercial’s road trip in northern Arizona, southern Utah, and Navajo Nation lands — all with in the Four Corners area.

Commercial: NIKE “Find Your Greatness”


Type: TV commercial

Client: Park Pictures

Director: Lance Accord

Air Date: 2012 London Olympics

LSW scouted Lake Havasu, London Bridge, the City of Lake Havasu, state highways, and county roads for this commercial. We also handled permitting with the Coast Guard, BLM, Lake Havasu City, Arizona State Parks, and commercial property owners. In addition, LSW coordinated and hired local law enforcement officials to help control intermittent marine and vehicle traffic in the London Bridge Channel and on city and county roads.

Find Your Greatness

Commercial: NFL “Thank You for Being a Fan” Super Bowl 2013


Type: Commercial

Client: Anonymous Content

Director: Brett Morgan

Air Date: Super Bowl Sunday 2013

LSW scouted the homes of unsuspecting Arizona Cardinals season ticket holders without their knowledge, using details provided by the Arizona Cardinals Marketing Department. We also obtained permits from the cities of Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix.

Commercials: BMW “Feed Your Restless”


Type: Commercial

Client: BMW


Air Date: 2012

LSW served as location scout for three 3-second commercials. Locations scouted were in central Arizona and included Mesa, Phoenix, Apache Junction, Sahuaro Lake, Payson, Flagstaff, Old Town Cottonwood, Jerome, Camp Verde, Prescott, U.S. Forest Service lands, state highways, and county and city roads.